Places That Will Pay You to Write About Health

Where do I find mental health writing jobs? How to understand the process of spirituality and health magazine submissions? If you love writing about yoga, health, and exercises, then you would want to get paid too. Am I right? According to, there are a large number of websites that pay writers for writing tips and how-to’s on health. Some of those websites are as follows.

Anxiety Foundation (

If you are a proficient health and fitness writer, then you can contribute an article or two to this website. Please make sure the content you write is up to the mark, and general tips or odd articles may get rejected right away. Anxiety Foundation pays up to $50 for every published post and they accept articles about mental health.

Yoga Basics (

If you are a heather writer, then you may share your experience about yoga or can write something interesting to get published at Yoga Basics. They accept an article with a word range of 500 to 700, and four to eight paragraphs are needed in every article. They pay up to $30 per post, and an idea pitch should be sent to them before starting writing; this will save your precious time, and you will be able to write what they are actually looking for.

Vibrant Life (

Who wouldn’t love to live a vibrant and successful life? This online magazine allows you to write lifestyle articles on a regular basis. You can write anything on mental health, physical health or lifestyle, but it should be meaningful and readable so that you can receive the fixed amount for every single post you write and publish on their platform.

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