Topics to Pitch to Editors at Health Magazines

Where do I find appropriate health article topics? What are the best health topics to write about? If you love writing on health and want to publish quality content in a popular health magazine, then it is mandatory to understand the requirement and target audience of the respective magazine. Then you can pitch your ideas to the editor of the magazine and wait for their reply. We, along with, present a list of topics to pitch to the editor of the target magazine. You can send the same topic idea to multiple magazines.

Fitness and exercise

When you decide to write hot topic articles, then you can pitch ideas on fitness and exercise. For example, you can talk about how to stay fit, what types of exercises are suitable for obese people and can write other similar things. You can choose any of such ideas after surfing the web and gaining inspiration.

Diet tips and food-related articles

Some of the most interesting health topics to write about are diet tips and food-related posts. There are plenty of ideas, but you should ensure that the recipes you write are traditional or international as per the expectations of the target audience.

Beauty and fashion

You can also write about fashion and beauty, which are considered the hottest food topics to write about. You can mention things like how to take care of one’s beauty and what is trendy and in fashion.

Love and relationships

Editors of top health magazines love buying articles on relationships, sex life, and love. So, this is your golden chance to share some relationship tips and sex-related topics with them to get approved instantly and to publish an article in a reputed online magazine.

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