Top 5 Picks: Leading Paper Writing Services in 2019

Are you undecided or self-conscious about the kind of writer to hire for your essay? Well, we provide the solution to your troubles. Choosing a writing service should not be that difficult. With proper guidance, you should be able to make the right call and boost your grades. Essay reviews provide a simple way to get genuine feedback from other students. In fact, a recent survey reveals that 8 of 10 people find reviews useful in purchase decision making.

Our Solution

The wide array of options in selecting perfect writers influence students’ decision-making process. Often, several students end up making snap decisions while others do not make a decision at all. Although their scale of options varies by region, their decision-making remains difficult. The growing number of essay writing service raises the issue of trust. Who will you trust to meet your academic needs and deliver quality essays? The next writer you hire could determine your academic success or failure. Let us help you choose the best paper writing service provides value for your money.

Why Our Reviews?

At PerfctEssay, our commitment is to provide you with reviews that will guide your decision-making. We aim at providing you with information that is not only favorable for some but also critical. We take pride in our honesty and credibility that will help you make that critical decision. We promise that we have no affiliations with any of the essay writing services that we review. PerfctEssay does not intend to mislead you but to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Considerations When Choosing an Essay Writing Service

You are now familiar with the effects of selecting the wrong essay service. Like shopping, you have to weigh your options when you need a writer to complete your paper. Essay writing services have different strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. Thus, before you buy essay online, here are key considerations for your assessment.

  1. Quality of essays: Relevance, Accuracy, Currency
  2. Customer Experience: Feedback, Tracking orders, Response to queries, Order placement.
  3. Rate and Policy of Refunds: How often do you refund? Do you refund fully or partially?
  4. Cost: What are the associated cost? Is the service expensive?
  5. Timeliness: Did you meet the deadline?
  6. Originality: Is the content 100% plagiarism free, are the arguments compelling and original?

The Top 5 Picks

The Top 5 Picks

At PE, quality is at the top of their service. Often when you pay for essays from other services, you may lack satisfaction from the final paper. PerfctEssay ensures that their papers are relevant, accurate, original, and current. Measuring quality is often the difficult part. For most companies, the confusion comes from the end of the writing service companies. These services may mislead you. Advertisements may depict them as companies that value quality. Their essays may suggest otherwise. An easier way to determine quality is to check their online ratings and reviews. Although they may rate themselves, it is important to check those of a third party. PerfctEssay is reputable for providing quality work at affordable rates offers you an outstanding customer experience. They allow the customer to communicate with their writer. Moreover, the support staff responds very well to any of your concerns. Their response to queries is also timely and accurate. The service allows you to track the progress of your work before completion. If you want to know whether the writer is following your instructions, is for you. has the lowest number of refund requests in the industry. This statistics shows that the company delivers quality work. Essay writing services that have recorded a higher rate of refunds show low quality. The policy of refunds is also a key aspect. does not offer you a partial refund. The service guarantees 100% refund in case you are not satisfied. To prevent this, its team works as a unit to ensure that you get a custom essay designed to your needs. A look at its customer reviews shows that there were no customers that have requested for a refund. Additionally, there are no negative comments about the company’s refund policy. ensures that you get a service that reflects value for your money. Customers often complain that the cost of their papers does not match their quality. Cost and quality are separate concepts often linked in a market place. Most people associate low-costs with low-quality products. assures you that this is not always the case. They ensure that you can get essay online service of the highest quality at an affordable price. Their comparisons help you select a service provider that is within your budget. Additionally, they ensure that their prices are appropriate for the service. takes pride in its ability to meet your strict deadlines. Meeting deadlines has become a key reason for choosing an essay writing service. Our present courses have assignments at the end of every unit. As a result, students with more than one class have a lot of work to complete. Combined with other life responsibilities, one may find this situation stressful. In the midst of all these, instructors often penalize students who fail to meet the deadlines. understands that meeting deadline is vital to your final GPA.

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